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Coverage’s We Provide

  • Bodily coverage: We will cover you in the event that you cause an accident in which another person or people are injured.
  • New car replacement: It's said that a car starts depreciating the minute you drive off the lot. But with New Car Replacement, if your new car is totaled in the first year and within the first 15,000 miles, you'll get the money for a brand new car not just the depreciated value.
  • Property damage: Our company will cover you in case your car damages someone else's property usually this means someone else's car, but it could be a fence, light post or other piece of property.
  • Medical payments: Auto insurance will cover certain medical expenses if you or your vehicle occupants are injured in an accident.
  • Unlimited rental car coverage: When you purchase our optional Rental Car Coverage and have a covered collision or comprehensive loss, we'll provide a rental car for as long as it takes auto insurance approved repair facility to fix your vehicle.
  • Better car replacement: Even if your car is no longer new, you can still treat it like it is. With this optional coverage, if your car is totaled we'll give you the money to replace it with a car that is one model year newer.
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Benefits Of Auto Insurance

Your auto insurance policy includes more than just coverage for your vehicle. It also includes some added benefits that can help make your insurance experience as hassle-free as possible.

  • Accident forgiveness: If you've been accident and violation-free for 5 years, we won't raise your rates due to your first accident. If you qualify, you'll receive this benefit at no extra cost.
  • Life repair guarantee: If your car is in an accident covered under your policy, you can have it fixed at one of our approved repair shops and the repairs will be guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.
  • Road side assistance: If your vehicle ever breaks down, we won't leave you stranded since our optional 24 hour roadside assistance coverage will get you moving again we'll even make the arrangements.
  • Convenient payment options: Paying your bill should be quick and easy, whether over the phone, online or through our mobile app, there are a number of options at your disposal. Have your payments deducted automatically from your checking or savings account through electronic funds transfer, pay by credit card and mail us a check you decide.
  • After hour policy services: Have a policy or billing question, or need to change your policy? You can call our customer service representatives for expert help with questions regarding your policy and billing after normal business hours and on weekends.

Compare Rates

Our website enables you compare more than 100 insurance brands on one search. You are also able to know the price of the policy and levels of insurance covers provided. You only have to get a quote, see what coverage’s are recommended for you, fine tune and then use them for your comparison. Contact us for more information.


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